Side Effects of Colloidal Silver

Silver Side Effects

What are some of the side effects of colloidal silver? 

Hair regrowth.

Rub it into your scalp.

Or spray it on by putting it into one of those pump spray bottles. Better yet make it into a gel and wear it on your scalp overnight. Put a towel on your pillow or your wife may divorce you.

Even people with scarring alopecia who have been told by a doctor "you will never never never ever ever have hair on your head again or my name isn't 'Doctor!' " have regrown hair by applying colloidal silver to the scalp.

There are lots of great rumours about colloidal silver out there...even on the internet.

Have you heard it will permanently turn your skin blue? That's called 'agyria' and is caused by silver nitrate - not colloidal silver.

Be careful, though, because it's cheap and quick!

What is maca? Does it affect progesterone levels? Does progesterone have any effect on hair? Dr Mercola has an opinion on that.

Iodine, together with the new stem cells that colloidal silver activates...The sky is the limit!

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And don't forget the iodine!!
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