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"SARASOTA, Fla. – The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day, but hair that sheds in large amounts after brushing, becomes thinner over time, or falls out, may need medical attention. But there is a new treatment for hair loss involving stem cells.
A woman's hair is said to be her crowning glory, but, for the millions of American women experiencing hair loss, receding hairlines and bald patches, the emotional and physical effects can be can be devastating.

(2 ingredients for hair loss that are rarely mentioned)

Entertainer Laurie Shaw’s hair is a sensitive topic. “I used to have so much hair; big, thick, curly long hair.”
She has a beautiful head of hair, but it wasn’t always so. “It was thinning; nobody could tell me why. People noticed before I really wanted to admit what it was.”
Now she travels from England to the Greco Medical Group in Sarasota for hair restoration treatment.


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“We've done over four thousand treatments from people in thirty countries, and not had one adverse side effect, because it uses your own cells.” Dr. Joseph Greco developed and uses a combination of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and cytokine-rich plasma (CRP) to treat hair loss. “The growth factors on the platelets are fertilizer for your hair. It increases circulation, it reduces inflammation, and it turns the hair into the growing phase.”
The stem cell hair restoration treatment featured in this month’s Vogue gives Shaw and others hair loss hope. “And now it's becoming one of the big treatments for alopecia aeriata, which is devastating.”
If you are wondering how long it takes to work, Dr. Greco says people generally see less hair shedding within a couple of weeks. Because hair has a rest phase, it takes two to three months to see an improvement and four to six months for peak effect."


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