Losing Hair? Do the Eyebrow Test

The thyroid gland, which is positioned in the neck, produces hormones that impact a range of metabolic processes in the body.

 If the body does not produce enough amounts of the thyroid hormone T4, symptoms of underactive thyroid result. 

Among these symptoms are fatigue, depression, weight acquire, hair loss, feeling cold typically, constipation, brittle or splitting nails, memory issues, and dry skin. 

Given that iodine is essential to produce thyroid hormones, particular foods that are wealthy in this crucial mineral may possibly play a important function.


An excessive quantity of iodine in the human body may possibly negatively influence the thyroid gland. 

The achievable lack of iodine may possibly trigger thyroid issues. 

Obtaining hypothyroidism, your own cell metabolic process decelerates and the body tissues and hair cellular material do not get the strength they require to function appropriately. 

If you never have adequate iodine, you may possibly lose more hair than usual, and could even suffer a loss of eyebrow hair.

So check the lower third of your eyebrows. If the hair there is lacking your thyroid is out of balance - which also explains your hair loss.

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