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Hair Needs Collagen

Hair Needs Collagen And Vitamin C

Collagen for hair. 

The cells that comprise hair and nail tissue receive support from healthy collagen in the skin matrix.  As the hair and nail cells grow, the interior of every cell is slowly replaced with keratin, a protein quite similar to collagen.  We know from years of research in humans and animals that supporting the metabolism of collagen with diet and exercise can aid and support the process of nail and hair growth from within -- by supporting the early formation of collagen and keratin formation.

Humans need Vitamin C to build collagen. Humans do NOT naturally produce Vitamin C. Get a supplement...NOW!


{2 ingredients for hair regrowth no one mentions

{Thyroid trouble can lead to female hair loss}


{lymphatic blockages}

Give Up Sugar for Hair Regrowth

Sugar. We love it.

Yet it kills off our hair.

Why? Because it's an acid.

Acid, in this case, is bad for you. Not in every case but certainly in this one.

As soon as your body detects sugar it panics and says,"Oh my God! I've got to neutralise this acid! Get some alkaline! Quickly!"

And where does it get the alkaline? From our bones and hair! In the form of calcium!!

Ever wondered why so many people have osteoporosis these days? They are calcium deficient. Poor buggers.

And then they go to a doctor who tells them they have osteoporosis because of the disease known as 'aging'.

The doctor then gives them 'calcium tablets' which are basically chalk and actually make the osteoporosis work and clog the person up.

You can't just eat these 'calcium tablets' to magically make your osteoporosis disappear.

Why won't it help? Because the body makes bones from a mixture of boron, silicon an…

Oil Pulling For Hair Regrowth

Oil Pulling, Your Hair, Your Regrowth...And You

Oil pulling. Have you heard of it? Everyone is doing it. It regrows teeth. It heals damaged gums. It removes toxins out of your stupid body like nobody's business and it's cheaper than a really expensive car. It's even cheaper than the cheapest thing you can think of.

How do you do it? As soon as you getup in the morning you swish a tablespoon of oil(olive, sesame or coconut) around in your mouth for between 5 and 10 minutes. Then you spit it out somewhere appropriate. DO NOT SWALLOW IT.

I have seen this do miracles for teeth in just SEVEN days. Here's some video proof from an 'effervescent' woman.

Imagine the good it's doing for your hair. A lot.  Got hair loss? Click here for more information.

(2 ingredients for hair regrowth no one knows about


Collated Answers To Questions Regarding Male Pattern Baldness

Question: After recently discovering that I had Male Pattern Baldness, I decided to take the initiative and do something about it. After researching many medications an alternative methods to hair growth, I came across Propecia. After obtaining a prescription to propecia, I began taking it immediately in order to slow the process of MPB. After being on it for about 2 weeks I have noticed a significant increase in shedding. Is this normal and if so how long does the shedding phase normally last? Thanks in Advance. 

Answer: Yes, the shedding is should stabilize soon, and return to normal Propecia is excellent at maintenance/regrowth of hair....throw in some Rogaine Foam to improve the process.. Also nizoral shampoo 2% is available on Check out especially the forums


Question: I know that male pattern …