Hair Needs Collagen

Hair Needs Collagen And Vitamin C

Collagen for hair. 

The cells that comprise hair and nail tissue receive support from healthy collagen in the skin matrix.  As the hair and nail cells grow, the interior of every cell is slowly replaced with keratin, a protein quite similar to collagen.  We know from years of research in humans and animals that supporting the metabolism of collagen with diet and exercise can aid and support the process of nail and hair growth from within -- by supporting the early formation of collagen and keratin formation.

Humans need Vitamin C to build collagen. Humans do NOT naturally produce Vitamin C. Get a supplement...NOW!


{2 ingredients for hair regrowth no one mentions

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{lymphatic blockages}


  1. Good to know! I wasn't aware that vitamin C helps us to produce collagen, or that our bodies don't naturally produce it. I have heard so many good things about vitamin C in the media, including how it helps us reduce the risk of cancer. I've been making sure to drink my orange juice since I have heard these things, and I was looking at supplements the other day. Do you have any recommendations for effective supplements? I have heard that no matter how much citrus we ingest, we still need a good one to the the amount of vitamin C it takes to boost our immunities against environmental factors.

  2. Dr Linus Pauling won a Nobel Peace Prize for discovering massive doses of Vtamin C can bring people back from the brink of d*ath in some cases.
    Oranges are a fantastic source of vitamin c, as everyone knows. But it's the fibre in the orange and the white stuff that is also necessary so it is digested in the right part of the body and not the other. Vitamin C does miracles - ascorbic acid not so much. Having said that, I have often been impressed by ascorbic acid's overnight effect on my gums. It really strengthens them.

  3. Hmmm I hadn't heard of ascorbic acid being good for your gums. You really do learn something new every day. I also didn't know that fibre and pith were helpful with getting the vitamins in an orange to the right place, but it makes total sense.


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