Give Up Sugar for Hair Regrowth

Sugar. We love it.

Yet it kills off our hair.

Why? Because it's an acid.

Acid, in this case, is bad for you. Not in every case but certainly in this one.

As soon as your body detects sugar it panics and says,"Oh my God! I've got to neutralise this acid! Get some alkaline! Quickly!"

And where does it get the alkaline? From our bones and hair! In the form of calcium!!

Ever wondered why so many people have osteoporosis these days? They are calcium deficient. Poor buggers.

And then they go to a doctor who tells them they have osteoporosis because of the disease known as 'aging'.

The doctor then gives them 'calcium tablets' which are basically chalk and actually make the osteoporosis work and clog the person up.

You can't just eat these 'calcium tablets' to magically make your osteoporosis disappear.

Why won't it help? Because the body makes bones from a mixture of boron, silicon and magnesium. It knits them together on its own. 

Bottom line: Don't eat too much sugar. No more than 50 Mars Bars a day.


  1. LOL! The best source of non-binding calcium is green leafy spinach for example is a GREAT source of calcium AND fiber.

    Doctorland is full of "magic pills" that don't really work. Our best weapons and against disease and aging are diet, exercise, and finding value based happiness.

    No more than 50 Mars Bars a day?? WHOOO! I wish!!

    No less than 30 minutes of exercise per day, and 2 cups of vegetables twice a day would be a better "prescription".

    Beyond that... do one or more of the following every day:

    Find a way to serve another human being, without expecting anything in return.

    Connect with nature

    Learn something new

    Find something or someone to be grateful for.

    Create something.

    Go somewhere new.


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