Oil Pulling For Hair Regrowth

Oil Pulling, Your Hair, Your Regrowth...And You

Oil pulling. Have you heard of it? Everyone is doing it. It regrows teeth. It heals damaged gums. It removes toxins out of your stupid body like nobody's business and it's cheaper than a really expensive car. It's even cheaper than the cheapest thing you can think of.  

How do you do it? As soon as you getup in the morning you swish a tablespoon of oil(olive, sesame or coconut) around in your mouth for between 5 and 10 minutes. Then you spit it out somewhere appropriate. DO NOT SWALLOW IT.

I have seen this do miracles for teeth in just SEVEN days. Here's some video proof from an 'effervescent' woman.

Imagine the good it's doing for your hair. A lot.  Got hair loss? Click here for more information.

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  1. This is fascinating. I knew that coconut oil had health benefits, but again... (geez you'd think I didn't know anything) that it would heal your gums or promote hair growth. I will certainly consider trying this in the event that I get a nasty cavity.

  2. Hair Transplant techniques are good to regrow hair and are also best in removing healthy hair follicles with no marks and no stiches.

  3. useful video and really a nice blog! Thanks to share it.


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